Netflex was created by a team at McKinney who will take any opportunity to trick themselves into working out.


Netflex is meant to be a fun and efficient way to stay active, but we don’t want anyone to get injured and we definitely don’t want to get sued, sooooo...Please consult a medical professional before you start any exercise regimen, including using Netflex, to determine whether it’s right for you. By using Netflex, you agree that you understand your physical condition, including your level of fitness and your physical limitations. You understand that your use of Netflex may result in injury. You agree that you are fully responsible for your performance of any and all of the the Netflex exercise routines, and you agree that if you experience pain, discomfort, difficulty in breathing, dizziness or other adverse reactions while using Netflex you will stop immediately and consult a medical professional. Finally, you agree that we are not responsible and/or liable for any injury that you may sustain while using Netflex.
PS: Don’t forget to stretch!